‘आप’ ने जारी किया राष्ट्रीय परिषद की बैठक का वीडियो

Mar 29 2015 नई दिल्ली। अाम आदमी पार्टी ने शनिवार को हुई राष्ट्रीय परिषद की बैठक का वीडियो जारी कर दिया है। इस बैठक में आप संयोजक अरविंद केजरीवाल अपने समर्थकों को More »

आप ने रामपाल को लोकपाल और अनुशासन समिति से प्रशांत को हटाया

Mar 29 2015 नई दिल्ली। आम आदमी पार्टी में राजनीतिक उथल-पुथल अभी थमता नहीं दिख रहा। कल के हंगामें के बाद योगेंद्र यादव, प्रशांत भूषण, आनंद कुमार और अजीत झा की अब More »

श्रीनगर में बारिश, जमीन धसने से कश्मीर में मकान क्षतिग्रस्त

Mar 29 2015 नई दिल्ली/श्रीनगर। मौसम ने एक बार फिर करवट बदली है और श्रीनगर में बारिश ने दस्तक दे दी है तो कई इलाकों में बारिश की आशंका जताई जा रही More »

बार्डर पर बीएसएफ से मुठभेड़ में दो पाक तस्कर ढेर, 12 किलो हेरोइन बरामद

Mar 29 2015 नई दिल्ली। नसे की खेप लेकर भारतीय सीमा में घुसपैठ की फिराक में लगे दो पाकिस्तानी तस्करों को बीएसएफ ने मुठभेड़ के दौरान ढेर कर दिया है।ये लोग शनिवार More »

ब्वॉयफ्रेंड के सामने लड़की से सामूहिक दुष्कर्म, मामला दर्ज

Mar 29 2015 वारंगल। तेलंगाना के वारंगल जिले में 20 साल की एक लड़की से चार लोगों ने उसके ब्वॉयफ्रेंड के सामने कथित रूप से सामूहिक बलात्कार किया। इतना ही नहीं आरोपियों More »


Six year old cub killed in accident!

Bhopal, Mon 30 March 2015 A six month old cub was recovered dead at the Bandhavgarh tiger reserve. The death comes again as a shock to the tiger conservation programmer of the state. However the cub was found trapped in

Police nabs habitual molester in Bhopal.

Bhopal, Mon 30 March 2015 Bhopal police has caught a 26 years old molester. The accused Saurabh Jain is reported to be a habitual sexual attacker who has been doing it since he was 15. He has already been convicted

MP STF to be a classified investigation agency!

Bhopal, Mon 30 March 2015 Madhya Pradesh Special Task Force that carried out investigations in multilayered Vyapam scam will soon be a rated investigation agency of the state. Till date STF did the operation oriented jobs. Of late cabinet approved

IAS officers and collector on mid-term foreign training!

Bhopal, Mon 30 March 2015 Indore: City collector Akash Tripathi, Commercial Tax Commissioner Raghvendra Singh and other IAS officers of Indore city will leave for abroad mid-term training from 6th April. The city administrative officials are expected to tour many

Mathura GRP claims to catch the finance minister robbers!

Bhopal, Sat 28 March 2015 Government Railway Police has claimed to nab down the accused who robbed MP Finance Minister Mr. J. Malaiyya, his wife and others in a running train. The numbers of accused are four Police recovered Rs.

Congress workers end their hunger strike!

Bhopal, Sat 28 March 2015 As former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh made it to the Assembly, Congress MLAs brought their hunger strike to an end and sipped the juice. MLAs of the opposition party with a fair compensation demand to

About 3 dozen engineers of Water Resources Department fail in Internet Exams.

Bhopal, Sat 28 March 2015 As many as 35 engineers working with state Water Resource Department could not get through the computer and internet skills test. Government of MP has of late incorporated that engineers across the state must know

Running school bus bursts into fire, children, and teachers have a narrow escape.

Indore, Sat 28 March 2015 A school bus of Indore based St. Mary Champion School suddenly caught fire. The bus was carrying the school children and teachers back their homes. The accident took place on AB Road in front of

One lakh people to miss Gas subsidy in Bhopal!

Bhopal, Sat 28 March 2015 About one lakh people of capital Bhopal may be deprived of the so called gas subsidy. Actually the speed of bank accounts being linked with have slowed down that would benefit the customers to avail

95 children at Navodaya School fall sick.

Bhopal, Fri 27 March 2015 Rajgarh: About 95 children at Rajgarh based Jawahar Navodaya School are reported to have fallen sick due to food poisoning. The children were served a mawa-sweet on Wednesday night. A team of doctors from Rajgarh